Australia Football Shirt 2018-19

Partnership between Australia national football team and Nike has sustained for many years. From 2004, Nike took place Adidas, becoming the manufacturer of Australia squad. Their cooperative contract has been renewed after eight years. As of 2012, Australian national football team have extended their contract with Nike. In other words, the partnership between them will reach 20 years.

As the manufacturer of the Australia squad, Nike is also the sponsor of the team. For the sake of the collaboration contract, Nike would kick off to manufacturer sports gear for Australia side, such as shirts, shorts, socks, training kits, jackets, etc. At the start of important seasons like FIFA World Cup or AFC Asian Cup, brand-new kits will be unveiled by them together. Besides Australia football shirts, one could find sports gear of other national football teams, like France, Germany, England, Argentina, etc.

In the very beginning, Australia football shirts are sky blue, combing with white shorts and dark red details on socks. Inspiration of such a colour scheme is derived from Australian national flag. Nonetheless, an improved cultural colour scheme was adopted from 1924, pledging allegiance to the national football team. After the release of new football kits, supporters are in the contention for getting shirts, shorts and socks, because of unique characteristics and hidden cultural connotation.

Australia home shirt front

Base colour of home football shirts is derived from golden blossoms of the tree. Leaves were outlined by green accents. From then on, appearance of home kits was set while the away kits were a reverse of home design. The other unique aspect of the Australian jersey is the more detailed crest. The national emblem features a kangroo and an emu on each side of the shield, including other fundamental elements.

The national emblem is divided into three parts, featuring badge of New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. Under the badge, the emblem is embroidered symbol of South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania. In order meet needs of all customers, the online store sourced a new batch of Australia home football shirts. Here are some highlights of such Australia shirts:

Gold and green details

Dri-Fit technology

100% polyester

Yellow base colour

Raglan sleeves

Round collar with blue outline

Green Swoosh and yellow emblem

Irregular pattern on sleeves

Australia home shirt
Australia home shirt back

One striking character is the unique pattern on two short sleeves, running along two yellow sleeves. Those stripes are intricate in various width, forming an interesting look and adding modern touch to the predominant yellow shirt. The national emblem and green Swoosh are embroidered onto the left and right chest respectively. The round collar is outlined with green stripes. A dark green band runs from the back collar to the bottom of shoulders.

At the top of back collar, a striking yellow star is printed to the dark-green collar. To improve comfort of the shirt as much as possible, a special fabric polyester is used to weave the shirt. The special fabric is helpful to reducing accumulation of perspiration on the body and accelerating evaporation rate of sweat. The shirt could keep one comfortable and cool as much as possible.